Goldman Sachs Issues Bitcoin Price Target

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Goldman Sachs just issued a big prediction…

Bitcoin is going to $100,000.

That means the king of crypto could more than double from its recent price of $46,355.

That type of move would be good news for digital currencies as an asset class.

However, those gains are hardily life-changing.

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Bitcoin Versus Gold

Goldman Sachs just released a new client research note comparing Bitcoin and gold.

The firm considers both Bitcoin and gold as assets that are a “store of value.”

The note explains that Bitcoin currently has a market value around $880 billion. Meanwhile, gold used for investments is currently valued around $2.6 trillion.

Goldman argues that Bitcoin could command a 50% of the “store of value” market within 5 years.

That would translate into a price of over $100,000 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been referred to as “digital gold.” Unlike a corporation, it doesn’t have earnings. It doesn’t have cash flow. And it doesn’t pay a dividend.

However, those drawbacks didn’t stop gold from being the leading “safe asset” and form of money since 500 BC.

Bitcoin is quickly making inroads on gold.

Just 5-years ago Bitcoin represented less than 1% of the “store of value” asset class. And today it’s around 20%.

Here you can see that the total market value of Bitcoin has jumped from $15 billion in 2017 to $880 billion today.

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Goldman Sachs Issues Bitcoin Price Target

That’s thanks to the strong price gains for Bitcoin.

Just take a look at the 5-year returns for Bitcoin versus gold.

  • 52% gains for gold
  • 5,533% gains for Bitcoin

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