Google Pre-IPO Starts Trading


Google is betting $100 million on a brand-new telehealth stock.

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Last week’s IPO headlines were dominated by Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW). And that $3.4 billion IPO overshadowed a much smaller and more interesting deal . . .

That company is Amwell (NYSE: AMWL).

It’s a leading telehealth company that helps facilitate virtual doctor’s appointments.

The current pandemic means that more patients are trying telemedicine. That creates huge demand for telehealth technology that facilitates these online appointments.

Amwell is among the largest telehealth technology providers. It works with 2,000 hospitals, 55 health plans and 36,000 employers covering 80 million patients.

Amwell has seen a 1,000% increase in doctor visits . . . and a 77% increase in revenues in the first half of 2020!

A total of 5.6 million telehealth visits have taken place using Amwell technology. And more than one-half of those have taken place in the first half of 2020.

Google is a major technology partner providing cloud services. As part of this partnership, Google invested $100 million in Amwell’s IPO last week.

Why is Google investing in Amwell?

First, the investment helps secure the partnership between the companies. Making a huge investment assures that Amwell won’t switch to Amazon Web Services or another cloud platform.

Second, Google thinks that the telehealth technology investment will deliver a big return. That’s because IPOs are booming. Anything related to technology or cloud computing is soaring in price.

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The timing of this IPO is ideal.

The company raised $742 million in an IPO last Thursday at a $4.5 billion valuation.

Shares jumped 28.2% in the first day of trading. And the stock has moved sideways since then

While IPO investors are seeing healthy gains . . .

It’s really the Pre-IPO investors who are scoring bigger profits.

In May, Amwell raised $194 million from investors. And while the company didn’t disclose the valuation – it was likely at a huge discount to the $18 IPO price.

The IPO market is booming.

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