How to Play the NFT Revolution for the SAFEST Profits

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Sales of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, just passed $501 million…

…in the span of a week.

Over the past year, NFT sales have topped $22 billion.

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Right now, the NFT space is still in its early stages.

The technology allows for anyone to claim ownership of a digital asset. Even one where the information can be copied!

Right now, it’s largely being used to create assets like digital photos. But it could be used to back the ownership of a piece of music, a film, or even less creative assets like a record of financial transactions.

So while this space is growing, many can’t see the potential yet because it hasn’t been built out.

That’s a trend we see often in tech.

Remember Beanie Babies?

They were a popular toy that came with a McDonald’s Happy Meal back in the 90s. Kids and adults alike loved collecting them.

One early internet website became the go-to place for collectors to buy and sell their Beanie Babies. That factor alone allowed that site to thrive and survive the tech bubble when others crashed and burned.

That company? eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY).

Much like the Internet during its Beanie Baby phase… we’re still early on NFTs.

So, sure you can start collecting them and adding them to your portfolio of assets. I just acquired my first one a few weeks back.

I’m bullish on the space overall… but let’s face facts. The valuation is way too high for many of the NFTs for sale out there.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to play the NFT growth space. And without overpaying, which is safer for growing your wealth.

Because as you may also remember… beanie babies were a fad. But eBay succeeded because it was a platform.

So… instead of paying potentially thousands of dollars for a JPEG that anyone can copy…

…it makes more sense to invest in cryptocurrencies critical to building out NFT platforms to begin with.

Best of all, with these cryptos, you could see quick gains of 74%… 85%… or even 289% in a few short days!

When a new digital currency starts trading – individual investors and institutional investors instantly get access. And many people will rush onto the platform to buy the latest altcoin.

That’s why it’s critical to buy up and coming cryptos BEFORE they go mainstream.

These are called Crypto Moonshots – because the gains can be so huge.

These cryptos can see a huge pop during the week that they start trading. However, the biggest gains often happen in the weeks leading up to a listing.

That’s why Crypto Moonshots soared in 2021…

  • 9,412% with Solana
  • 12,858 with Polygon
  • 16,393% with Fantom

So, what will be the next big winner?

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