Profit from the Pre-Election IPO Boom

IPO boom

The Nov. 3  Presidential election is in just 27 days.

The looming uncertainty is encouraging private companies to launch IPOs now.

That creates a timely opportunity for early investors to profit from the IPO boom. In fact, this upcoming biotech IPO could surge 454% when the company goes public in 60 days!

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“2020 is on track to be one of the most active IPO markets in 20 years,” says Kathleen Smith of Renaissance Capital.

The number of IPOs is up 73%. And the amount of capital raised in this IPO boom has doubled to more than $100 billion!

The good news is that newly public stocks are soaring – even after going public.

The Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO) owns shares of 47 newly public stocks. The ETF buys new IPOs approximately five days after going public. And it holds these stocks until they’re added to the major indices.

The ETF is a good indicator for IPO performance after they start trading.

162% IPO Gains in 2020
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IPO boom

This strong performance means EVERYONE wants to buy IPOs.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get shares in a hot IPO in this IPO boom . . . unless of course you have a +$10 million account at Goldman Sachs . . . and you also have deep connections on Wall Street.

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IPO Boom: Huge IPO Pipeline

Private companies are rushing to start trading before election day.

Currently there are 156 companies that have filed to go public in this IPO boom. And these companies are simply waiting for SEC approval and the investment bankers.

Additionally, we’re expecting two high-profile IPOs before the end of October.

McAfee is expected to go public and raise $2 billion. The valuation is rumored to exceed $8 billion.

Yet that deal is nothing compared with the Chinese fintech company called Ant. The company is a spinoff from Alibaba (NASDAQ: BABA). And it’s expected to be the biggest IPO ever.

Ant plans to raise $35 billion from investors at a $250 billion valuation. Unlike Alibaba, the stock is expected to release its IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong – rather than here in the U.S.

Additional IPOs before 2021 could include Airbnb and Door Dash, according to Barron’s magazine.

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