Job Quit Rates Skyrocket – The TRUTH

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Heard the news?

American workers are quitting in droves. And while this is already costing businesses $60 billion a month in lost sales…

An undiscovered group of companies are not only surviving – but thriving.

And that’s why they’re still going ahead with these massive payouts to investors.

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According to the Labor Department’s JOLTS report…

4.3 million workers quit their jobs on August – the highest quit rate since Dec 2000.

But it’s the economic impact that could REALLY be significant.

Businesses were already struggling to fill vacancies before, which is why…

  • American Airlines was forced to cut its flight schedule this summer
  • Theme parks have had to limit their hours
  • And restaurants are keeping their doors closed 1 or 2 days per week

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Fed says staffing shortages are costing U.S. businesses more than $60 billion a month in lost sales.

And the new quit rate could easily make that worse. But in the midst of all this…

A group of undiscovered American companies are doing something quite amazing.

They continue to dramatically grow their business and profits.

And they’re now sitting on over $2.5 trillion in cash.

But as Biden wants to introduce the biggest corporate tax hike since 1993…

They now have a VERY STRONG incentive to make record cash distributions not only to their executives and other stakeholders…

But also to folks like you and me.

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That return is based on a $10k investment…

But there’s no minimum investment at all.

You could invest $1,000 or even $100 if you want.

The important thing is that a new, massive payout may come as soon as next Thursday.

It’s an American company that’s about to send out payments totaling $1.29 billion.

Should you decide to invest – you could collect a Supercharged Payout from them.

Here’s some recent 1-day payments from other companies that I’ve alerted:

  • $460 from an investment bank called Moelis
  • $1,890 from a chemicals company called FutureFuel
  • $2,450 from a paper company called Verso
  • $3,060 from another chemicals company called Tredgar
  • $4,500 from a cyber security company called NortonLifeLock

Again, these returns are based on a $10k investment.

And not all payments are this big.

That’s why I always say that the average payout is $1,191 roughly every 20 days.

But the new October payout could help you make more than three times that amount.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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