New 5G Devices Unveiled in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show is now underway in Las Vegas . . .

And there’s tons of excitement for dozens of new 5G devices.

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Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) President Cristiano Amon says he expects 200 million 5G smartphones to ship in 2020. And many of them will rely upon a tiny chip from the company.

At the same news conference, Qualcomm and Lenovo revealed a brand new 5G laptop. The companies have partnered to release the “Yoga 5G PC.”

Image result for yoga 5g pc

Plenty of other 5G products are being released at CES (get details right here).

  • Linksys unveiled a new 5G Mobile Hotspot and a 5G Outdoor Router.
  • A Chinese company called TCL showed off its new 5G phone that’s priced at less than $500. That makes the phone a bargain compared with +$1,000 smartphones.
  • Coolpad – also a Chinese company – is releasing a new 5G phone priced below $400. The phone will run on Android 10 and use a processor from Qualcomm.
  • Razer is releasing its new 5G Home Router that also serves as a mobile hotspot that you can take on the road.

Plus, one tiny tech stock has already released its new 5G router. And it’s being sold by one of the major U.S. wireless companies.

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2020 Is the Year for 5G

Right now, we’re expecting nationwide rollout of 5G across America.

Completion of the 5th generation wireless network is expected to take three years. However, the new network will be live in major cities this year.

The new network will increase wireless speeds by 10x – 100x. And that will open up a wide range of new technology solutions related to self-driving cars and virtual reality.

The number of 5G devices is expected to surge from 11 million last year to 1.8 billion by 2024.

That’s a 1,900% growth rate in just five years!

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