Top 3 States with Surging New Cases

America is emerging from “stay-at-home” orders but new cases are surging in certain hotspots.

Covid-19 cases appear to be falling in states across the Northeast and Midwest. And places like New York and New Jersey finally seem to have the outbreak under control.

However, new coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the Southern and Western states.

Three states reported the highest number of daily new cases since the outbreak began:

  • 2,392 cases in Arizona
  • 2,622 cases in Texas
  • 2,783 cases in Florida

The number of new cases is rising as testing expands across the country. That means more people are being tested as labs increase capacity.

However, the concerning thing is that the positivity rate is also increasing.

This means that the percentage of tests with a positive result is rising. That suggests that the community spread of the virus is increasing as social distancing orders are relaxed.

The rising numbers of new cases has startled some investors. And that’s increased volatility for the stock market.

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University of Oxford Drug Reduces Death by 30%

Researchers at the University of Oxford made a major breakthrough on a Covid treatment. It’s a steroid that’s inexpensive and widely available and may save millions of lives. The steroid reduces the fatality rate among those on ventilators by one-third.

Beijing Closes Schools

China is grappling with a new outbreak in Beijing. A total of 106 new cases have been identified in the city. The government is responding by shutting down schools and encouraging people to work from home.

U.S. Border with Canada Remains Closed

The border between the U.S. and Canada will remain closed until July 21. The two countries have mutually agreed to extend the closure for another five weeks to contain the spread of coronavirus.

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The Coronavirus Numbers

Here are the numbers from Wednesday at 10 a.m. ET:

  • 8,299,389 Infected worldwide
  • 446,929 Deaths
  • 2,209,260 Infected in the U.S.
  • 119,161 Deaths in the U.S.

What’s Next

Stocks were flat in early morning trading.

The markets are balancing two major stories.

First, the economy is improving. Unemployment is improving and retail sales are bouncing back. This suggests that April was the low point for the coronavirus economic crisis.

Second, Covid-19 cases are rising. Southern and Western states are seeing record numbers of new cases. That shows that a second wave of the outbreak may be coming quickly on the heels of the first outbreak in March.

That’s causing record levels of volatility in the stock market.

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