Next Week’s IPO Winners

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The IPO boom continues . . . with eight new IPOs coming to the market.

Unfortunately, most regular investors are missing out on gains of 193% . . . 268% . . . and even 449%. And that’s because Wall Street locks most folks out of these new IPOs.

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Ten new IPOs have already begun trading this week. Plus, another five IPOs are expected to start trading today.

Just take a look at this week’s biggest one-day winners among new IPOs:

  • JFrog:  47%
  • Snowflake:  112%
  • Outset Medical:  125%

These are the gains from the initial public offering price. That’s the price of the stock sold directly to hedge funds and billionaire investors.

The IPO boom isn’t slowing down anytime soon . . .

There are 494 private tech “unicorns.” These are venture capital-backed companies valued at more than $1 billion.

Plus, 136 private companies have already submitted Initial Public Offering S-1 filings with the S.E.C. And all of these deals could start trading within the next 90 days.

Next week’s IPO pipeline is huge – with eight new deals on the schedule.

The top three upcoming IPOs next week include:

  • Corsair Gaming (CRSR): $1.7 billion valuation
  • Asana (ASAN): $5.3 billion valuation
  • GoodRx (GDRX): $11 billion valuation

Yet regular investors don’t stand a chance at getting IPO shares. You’d need to have an account at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley. Plus, your account balance must exceed $10 million to get into these deals.

That’s why I’ve spent the last year investigating this little-known secret Pre-IPO back door.

It allows regular investors to grab shares of upcoming IPOs – months, weeks or even just a few days before a deal gets closed and the stock goes public.

Plus, there are NO restrictions.

You do NOT need to complete special paperwork. You do NOT need to be a millionaire or “accredited investor.” And there is NO minimum investment.

My favorite Pre-IPO deal could be “the next Tesla Motors for 839% gains.”

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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