CIA Unveils Secret IPO


This new IPO could be bigger than Airbnb – with a $20 billion valuation.

Yet most Americans have never heard of this company – and its crucial role in protecting American security interests.

Early investors stand to earn 1,900% or more in a September IPO. And there’s still time for you to claim your Pre-IPO shares.

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Palantir is a big data company that was co-founded by Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal; angel investor in Facebook who made over $1 billion in the IPO).

The company was founded shortly after the 9/11 attacks. And Palantir’s goal is to use big data and analytics to stop future terrorist attacks.

The big mission attracted $2 million in financing from In-Q-Tel. That’s the CIA’s venture capital arm – used to fund emerging spy technologies.

By 2010 Palantir was still working almost exclusively with the CIA and other government agencies including the Department of Defense.

At that time the company raised venture capital financing at a $1 billion valuation. And that made Palantir one of the most valuable tech “unicorns.”

Since then the company has expanded. It helps all the big banks identify fraudulent transactions. And it’s working with the government to track coronavirus cases and outbreaks around the world.

Today the company is thought to be valued at around $20 billion. And that means early Pre-IPO investors have seen a 1,900% return on their investment.

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Palantir filed for a confidential IPO in July.

Yesterday the company’s complete S-1 filing was made public. And this paves the way for an Initial Public Offering by Sept. 24.

Last year Palantir sales jumped 25% to reach $743 million.

Yet like many private tech stocks, Palantir is still losing money. The company reported a net loss of $576 million.

Palantir is NOT using a conventional IPO. Instead, the company is going public in a direct listing. This is the same way in which Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) went public in an IPO.

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