PayPal and Palantir Insider Launches New Pre-IPO

Peter Thiel

$4.3 billion . . . that’s how much money Peter Thiel expects to make tomorrow when Palantir (private) IPOs.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley plan to open the stock at $11.50 / share. And it’ll be the latest billion-dollar deal for the tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

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Palantir is going to be the biggest IPO of the week.

Early investors will be watching the stock and hoping for a big pop on Wednesday.

Recent IPOs such as Snowflake (NASDAQ: SNOW) jumped 112% in the first day of trading. And it’s possible that we’ll see similar gains for Palantir.

Palantir isn’t going public via the typical IPO route.

Instead, the company will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange via a direct listing. That means the company won’t raise any capital from new investors when it goes public.

Shares will simply begin trading.

This unusual IPO means EVERYONE must wait for the opening trade. That’s likely going to happen around noon on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

The opening trade on popular IPOs is typically delayed for a couple hours.

Importantly, this means that NOBODY can get IPO shares at a discounted price. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley clients will be shut out, too.

In fact, ONLY the Pre-IPO shareholders will be able to reap huge gains.

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The Silicon Valley Insider Behind PayPal, Palantir and Facebook

Peter Thiel.

He’s one of the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors.

Thiel co-founded PayPal  (NASDAQ: PYPL) with Elon Musk. He then took the company public on the Nasdaq and later sold PayPal to eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) – before the company was spun out as a separate entity.

He then invested $500,000 to buy a 10% equity stake a startup led by Mark Zuckerberg. And when Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) launched its IPO, he instantly became a billionaire.

His 10% stake in Facebook was worth more than $1.1 billion.

After that coup, he went on to form his own venture capital fund. He made early-stage investments in Airbnb, Stripe, Spotify, SpaceX and hundreds of other companies. Along the way, he co-founded Palantir, which is going public tomorrow.

Now, that’s Peter Thiel’s past.

Yet his future is even more exciting. And it includes a brand new and extremely secretive private company (click here for details).

Thiel is launching a brand-new company.

Frankly, buying shares of this Pre-IPO could be like getting in on the ground floor of Facebook, PayPal, Airbnb or SpaceX.

Today, I’d like to bring you up to speed on this amazing situation. And I’ll reveal exactly how you can grab your stake of this early-stage tech stock right now.

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