Roblox: Your IPO Instructions for Before March

Roblox IPO

Roblox IPO: It could be the biggest IPO of 2021 . . .

Video game platform Roblox (private) plans to go public at a valuation approaching $30 billion.

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Today we got major news regarding the upcoming Roblox IPO.

Here’s what you need to know . . .

Inside the Roblox IPO

Roblox is a free online platform with millions of games.

The platform allows its users to develop and create games. Those games are then accessible to others. And those developers earn the majority of the revenues from the games.

Unlike most IPOs, Roblox plans to go public via a “direct listing.” This means that there will be ZERO new Roblox IPO shares. And only the Pre-IPO investors will reap the benefits.

Ticker Symbol: RBLX

Share Price: $45

Valuation: $29 billion

IPO Proceeds: $0

Starts Trading: March 10

Roblox has been a big beneficiary of the pandemic.

The number of active daily users now totals 33 million. That’s an 83% increase over the last year!

Last year, the company’s sales jumped 82% to $924 million. Meanwhile, the company’s operating cash flow was $524 million. The company’s net loss was $253 million on a GAAP-basis.

Roblox will NOT raise new capital with its direct listing. Instead, the company raised over $500 million by issuing Pre-IPO shares on January.

That financing was completed at a $29.5 billion valuation. That marked a seven-fold increase in the company’s value in just one year!

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There’s one interesting aspect of this direct listing . . .

CEO David Baszucki will not receive any cash or stock options as compensation. Instead, he’ll receive restricted stock IF the Roblox share price reaches a certain level.

  • IF shares are trading at $165 within two years – he’ll get 750,000 shares of stock.
  • IF shares are trading at $375 within five years – he’ll get 2 million shares of stock.

It’s clear that he’s betting on RBLX shares soaring after it starts trading.

The Roblox CEO is already the largest shareholder – owning 12% of the company. And that stake is already worth approximately $3.5 billion.

How to BUY Roblox

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