The Next Snowflake Pre-IPO for 468% Profits

The Snowflake IPO just debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.

Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) raised $3.4 billion at a $42 billion valuation. And that made it the biggest software IPO ever.

CNBC and the Wall Street Journal hyped up the huge 111% IPO gains. Yet it’s the Pre-IPO investors who really cash in with four times bigger profits.

Snowflake Pre-IPO Jumps 468%

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In February, Snowflake was still a private company preparing to go public. That’s when Snowflake tapped investors and raised $479 million by selling private Pre-IPO shares.

The valuation was $12.4 billion.

That seemed like a huge valuation at the time. However, it was an absolute bargain compared with the IPO.

Pre-IPO investors included well known venture capital firms including Sequoia and Sutter Hill Ventures. Plus, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) also invested in the financing.

These Silicon Valley insiders KNOW that big profits happen BEFORE an IPO. That’s why they’ll stake a claim – and buy shares on the private market.

In this case – they were able to secure a 75% DISCOUNT off the current Snowflake share price.

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Even Warren Buffett missed the Pre-IPO.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) was able to buy a huge stake in the Snowflake IPO. And he’s now sitting on cash profits of $820 million in one day.

However, Buffett’s profits could’ve been four times bigger by using the Pre-IPO Secret.

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