Stealing 118% Profits with Wells Fargo

While everybody was looking the other direction – I joined an elite group of “insiders” and ROBBED Wells Fargo for 118% gains!

Sort of… let me explain.

Between June 2020 and April 2021 Wells Fargo was experiencing all kinds of negative news.

  • “Wells Fargo CEO ruffles feathers with comments about diverse talent,” reported NBC News.
  •  “Wells Fargo is still in turmoil as profits plunge and customer refunds linger,” according to CNN.
  • “Wells Fargo fires more than 100 employees accused of defrauding customers,” says NPR.

And the news just got worse…

“SEC charges former Wells Fargo executives over fake-accounts scandal.”

Probably not a good time to buy Wells Fargo stock…right?

Well, some giant institutions on Wall Street didn’t seem to agree.

Because my brand-new trading tool revealed HUGE buying by big institutional investors.

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These “insiders” were buying up Wells Fargo stock with these behind-the-scenes block trades.

$280 MILLION in backdoor block trades were initiated on Wells Fargo – between June 2nd to June 10th, 2020.

One trader bought $121 million of the stock in a single day!

These aren’t retail traders.

These are Wall Street institutions buying big and aggressive while trying to hide what they’re doing with only connections they have.

My new software alerted me to this fact. And on June 8th, 2020 it provided a “Green light” buy signal.

A few months later April 30th, 2021 this same software provided a “Red Light” sell signal.

That let me lock-in gains of 118% on this trade (go here to see how).

Bear in mind – from the day this green light signal occurred until just a few weeks before the red light signal – Wells Fargo was embroiled in countless scandalous accusations.

The news media was bashing it at every turn.

Yet, this insider buying activity proved to be a stronger indicator of future price than all the bad news.

This is what it means to trade with the insiders.

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Good Investing,
Mike Burnick
Research Analyst

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