Tech Bloodbath Takes ANOTHER Victim

One of the most valuable venture-backed companies in the U.S…

Just got its valuation slashed by almost half – courtesy of the tech bloodbath.

It’s yet another sign that tech stocks are NOT the best place to invest right now.

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Last Friday…

Instacart said that it cut its valuation from about $24 billion due to the selloff in technology stocks.

Back in March 2021, the company raised $265 million and was valued at $39 billion.

But now it went from the most valuable venture-backed companies in the U.S. to having its valuation cut almost in HALF.

Meanwhile, while the tech bloodbath is taking yet another victim this year…

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Back then…

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You may not be familiar with MACE stocks yet…

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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