Tesla CEO Reveals Secret Acquisition

Tesla acquisition

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is considering a major acquisition . . . Yet the Tesla acquisition will NOT be one of the major automakers. Or even a smaller electric vehicle manufacturer such as Nio (NYSE: NIO).

Instead, the Tesla acquisition will be a little-known company making next-generation EV batteries.

One undiscovered stock is still PRIVATELY HELD – after raising over $100 million from Silicon Valley investors. And it’s just been approved to go public on the NYSE before Dec. 31.

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Elon Musk made waves this week with discussion of a potential Tesla acquisition . . .

The Tesla CEO was attending a conference in Germany. He explained that Tesla would consider buying a major automaker such as BMW (OTC: BMWYY), Ford (NYSE: F), General Motors (NYSE: GM) or Volkswagen (OTC: VWAGY).

Tesla Motors currently commands a market value of $540 billion.

That’s approximately 5x – 10x more than the other automakers!

The rich valuation would make it easy for Tesla to make a +$50 billion acquisition.

“I think we’re definitely not going to launch a hostile takeover… So, I suppose if there was a friendly one, if somebody said, ‘Hey, we think it would be a good idea to merge with Tesla,’ we certainly could have that conversation,” explained Musk.

It seems unlikely that BMW, Ford or General Motors will approach Elon Musk with a request to merge. That’s in spite of the fact that these outdated and slow-moving automakers are currently being crushed by Tesla.

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The Bottom Line: Tesla doesn’t NEED any of these old school automakers.

However, there is one thing that Tesla DOES need . . .

Tesla Needs Better EV Batteries

That may sound overly simple. But it’s 100% true . . .

Musk & Co. have proven that they can develop an amazing car. With great performance . . . a  competitive price . . . and mass appeal.

Plus, the company has been able to produce nearly 1,600 vehicles per day!

Yet the biggest hurdle for Tesla is electric vehicle batteries.

That’s why Tesla Motors hosted “Battery Day” on Sept. 22. It’s because the company is 100% focused on producing better batteries.

Better batteries mean higher performance vehicles. Longer driving ranges. And faster charges. All of these are KEY to convincing every consumer that EVs are better than gasoline-powered cars.

Tesla is investing millions in new battery technology . . .

However, several of the company’s key engineers recently QUIT. And they’ve launched a new EV battery company that is creating the next-generation lithium-ion battery.

This battery could double the range for an EV from Tesla or Toyota. Plus, these new batteries charge much more quickly.

Silicon Valley venture capitalists have already invested +$100 million in this private company . . .

And Wall Street investors including Blackrock are putting up another $300 million in the IPO.

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