$1300 Tesla Motors Target: Will Shares Double Again?

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) just scored a huge new long-term price target of $1300 a share. It suggests that the stock could nearly DOUBLE with an 89% gain.

However, Tesla stock is already up 565% during the last year. So, the explosive gains may be in the rear-view mirror.

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Wedbush Securities just released a bullish report on Tesla, writing this:

“In our view the 1Q delivery numbers released on Friday was a paradigm changer and shows that the pent-up demand globally for Tesla’s Model 3/Y . . .  

We now believe Tesla could exceed 850,000 deliveries for the year with a 900,000 stretch goal.”

Unlike Chinese electric vehicle automakers facing chip shortages . . .

Tesla appears to be right on track.  And the company is seeing strong demand globally as consumers rush to buy EVs.

Inside the report, Wedbush upgraded Tesla Motors stock:

12-month price: $1,000 – increased from $950

Long-term target: $1,300

This suggests that Tesla Motors stock could jump 44% in the next year. And 89% over the longer term.

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Wedbush isn’t the only firm that’s bullish on Tesla.

Analysts at Piper Sandler see the stock rising to $1,200 in the next year.

Plus, Ark Invest recently released a very, very bullish report titled ARK’s Price Target for Tesla in 2025.

The report provides a longer-term price target for Tesla Motors stock in 2025 – four years from now. And these price targets show a range of possibilities:

$1,500 / Share Bear Case: 117% gain

$3,000 / Share Expected Value: 335% gain

$4,000 / Share Bull Case: 480% gain

Those projections suggest that Tesla stock is a BUY at these levels. And the stock is certainly more of a bargain than in January.

However, the company is already valued at $658 billion. And the rich valuation may limit gains in the immediate-term.

That’s why I was shocked to discover that . . .

Elon Musk’s ex-business partner is jumping into the EV sector with +$200 million. And he’s betting on this tech company that’s building an EV aircraft for ridesharing.

In fact, this company expects sales could surge to more than $20 billion per year!

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