Tesla Motors Gets Shocking $7000 Price Target

$7,000 . . . That’s the new price target for shares of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) – according to Wall Street’s hottest stock picker.

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ARK Invest has become one of the most closely followed asset managers. And it  recently released a brand-new Tesla research report and Tesla price target.

Tesla Motors gets a $7,000 share price target – a 927% increase from today’s price of $680.

The company says that the “bear case” for Tesla is that the stock goes to $1,500. And the “bull case”  puts the stock price at or above $15,000. Note that these price targets are for the year 2024.

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Tesla price target

That outlook is very bullish compared with reports by other Wall Street firms. The average one-year price target for Teslais $536, according to FactSet Research.

ARC estimates that electric vehicles will make up one-third of all auto sales over the next five years. And Tesla could capture 18% of the EV market.

Here’s what the bullish case for Tesla Motors looks like in 2024:

  • 7.1 million cars sold
  • $36,000 average price per vehicle
  • 33% EBITDA margin
  • $3 trillion market capitalization
  • $15,000 share price – 2,106% above the recent price

The rapid rise for Tesla is sparking an EV boom.

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