The Biggest Winners in America’s Exploding Pot Market

Cannabis sales are surging . . .

With American companies reporting triple-digit sales growth.

Top “pot stocks” are reporting huge sales growth rates of 106% . . . 134% . . . and even 157%!

One undiscovered cannabis stock expects to grow 855% over four years. And the stock

is getting ready to go public in 2021.

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Most blue-chip stocks in the S&P 500 reported earnings in January or February.

However, America’s legal cannabis stocks typically release results in March.

Let’s take a look at the blockbuster results from three stocks . . .

Green Thumb Industries (OTC: GTBIF)

Green Thumb is a leading cannabis company based in Chicago. The company quickly

adapted its medical operations in that state to the recreational market.

The company is now operating 97 retail locations in 12 markets. And it’s experiencing

hyper growth in the last year:

  • 157% jump in sales from a year earlier
  • 546% increase “cash earnings” – also known as EBITDA
  • $15 million in net income – beating Wall Street estimates

Trulieve (OTC: TCNNF)

Trulieve has taken a focused approach in the state of Florida. It cultivates and produces

its own products – and sells them through its branded stores in Florida.

The company plans to expand in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

and West Virginia. Here are the company’s latest full-year results:

  • 106% surge in sales
  • 99% increase in “cash earnings” – also known as EBITDA
  • $63 million in net income

TerrAscend (OTC: TRSSF)

TerrAscend is a multi-state operator with cannabis facilities in Pennsylvania, New

Jersey and California. Plus, the company operates in Canada.

The company just released year-end financial results:

  • 134% jump in sales
  • $60 million in “cash earnings” – versus a $27 million loss
  • $16.9 million in net income

These publicly traded pot stocks are seeing huge increases in sales.

The entire U.S. market saw $17.5 billion in cannabis sales last year – a 46%


That’s just the start . . .

New Frontier Data estimates that U.S. sales will grow to $41.5 billion my 2025. And

longer-term estimates suggest the industry will reach $100 billion.

Most “pot stocks” have already seen share prices surge 300% . . .  500% . . . or even

over 1,000%.

However, one undiscovered Nevada cannabis company is ramping up and growing

quickly. And the stock price hasn’t moved an inch.

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