The Top 10: Most Profitable IPOs in 2020


2020 is the year of the Initial Public Offering or IPO.

184 private companies have already gone public. And these newly public companies raised a staggering $63.7 billion from investors.

This year will be the biggest year for IPOs since the dot-com boom in 1999. Consider the top 10 IPOs for this year.

Top 10 IPOs for 2020

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Of course, among the top 10 IPOs you’ve probably heard of IPOs like e-commerce company BigCommerce (NASDAQ: BIGC) and vaccine developer CureVac (NASDAQL CVAC)

However, most folks have never heard of the other top 10 IPOs for 2020. Even if you were familiar with these top 10 IPOs – you’d never have a shot at the IPO shares.

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How Wall Street Locks Americans Out of IPOs

Frankly, it’s completely unfair.

IPOs are essentially OFF LIMITS to regular investors.

Sure, you can buy shares on the NASDAQ or NYSE after the stock starts trading. And you’ll likely pay a huge 50% – 100% premium on the hottest IPOs.


Because new companies go public by working with Wall Street investment banks. These firms include Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS and J.P. Morgan.

These are the firms that help private companies go public. They also help raise capital by selling IPO shares to investors. And they ALWAYS sell these prized shares to their top clients including hedge funds, pension funds, billionaires, and corporate CEOs.

They NEVER make these shares available to regular investors.

That means you’ll never get a shot at IPO shares (even if you’re a millionaire).

That’s why I’m thrilled to reveal how you can grab private Pre-IPO shares BEFORE a company goes public.

This secret back door is already being used by billionaires including the founders of PayPal, Palantir, Virgin Records, LinkedIn and other tech stocks. Plus, Wall Street’s biggest private equity firms are jumping in, too.

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