Ukraine has received $50 million in crypto donations

$50 million.

That’s how much Ukraine has received in crypto donations – including a $5-million donation of one Crypto Moonshot.

Meanwhile, their government has announced an airdrop to bolster them further.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if they received even more in Crypto Moonshots…

… after they’ve risen up to 12,254%+ in the last 12 months.

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What’s an airdrop?

In the crypto world, an airdrop is a way to bring a cryptocurrency to the attention of the market; a new crypto that is partly distributed for free.

And Ukraine is gearing up to airdrop a new crypto asset to its donors.

Their crypto donations have reached nearly $51 million…

With one of the latest ones being $5 million in one Crypto Moonshot.

Meanwhile, Binance—the world’s largest crypto exchange…

… said it would donate $10 million.

The platform also launched a crowdfunding effort that raised MILLIONS of dollars of support in crypto assets for Ukrainians.

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The world is starting to see in real time the massive power of cryptos.

And not only in terms of the gigantic returns for early investors…

… but also with the financial help for a warn-torn country that desperately needs it.

That’s why smart Ukrainians and investors around the world are buying and using the best cryptos right now.

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