USPS To Buy Up to 165,000 EV Mail Trucks

The United States Postal Service (USPS) just announced a major deal . . .

For up to 165,000 EV delivery trucks.

The deal for USPS trucks could be worth over $8 billion! And one secret EV stock is supplying a major component for these USPS trucks.

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USPS is awarding a contract to Oshkosh Defense (NYSE: OSK).

Shares of Oshkosh soared 10% on the news of the USPS trucks deal – reaching a record high.

Meanwhile, another EV truck maker called Workhorse (NASDAQ: WKHS) was also competing for the contract. Shares dropped 50% after it was NOT awarded the deal.

However, one undiscovered EV supplier may be the biggest winner. Because its key components are going inside these new USPS trucks.

USPS Electric Vehicle Delivery Truck – Secret Supplier

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USPS trucks

Oshkosh will build 50,000 – 165,000 vehicles over the next 10 years.

The USPS trucks deal immediately awards Oshkosh a $482 million contract. However, the deal will ultimately be worth many times that number.

Let’s assume a price tag of $50,000 per vehicle. On that basis, the contract would be worth $2.5 billion – $8.2 billion.

USPS has been looking to replace its outdated trucks for years. The postal service has 190,000 delivery trucks. And many of them are 30 years old and don’t even have air conditioning.

In fact, USPS began seeking proposals more than five years ago!

The contract includes these EV battery-powered trucks. Plus, some vehicles will be gas-powered and “fuel-efficient low-emission.” The gas-powered trucks will be designed so they can be converted to 100% EV.

President Joe Biden has already said that he wants the government to convert to 100% electric vehicles. And that means he may pressure the USPS and Oshkosh to figure out how to secure enough batteries to power EVERY USPS vehicle.

Production of these new EVs is expected to begin in 2023.

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