Inside WallStreetBets and 1,914% Gains for GameStop

Millions of online traders are out for blood.

They’re on a mission to destroy hedge funds that “short sell” stocks, manipulate the markets and rob individual investors.

David versus Goliath. And right now, this band of largely small-time traders is actually winning the war against Wall Street hedge funds.

These traders are sending NYSE-listed stocks surging 281%, 890% and even 1,914% since Jan. 1.

Electric vehicle stocks are also posting sizable gains. And my #1 EV Pre-IPO could see gains of 460% after its IPO – according to my research projections.

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Inside Reddit and WallStreetBets

Reddit is an online community made up of discussion boards.

Its #WallStreetBets channel has become home to 4.5 million individual investors.

These investors are largely trading on online platforms like Robinhood (private). And their trading mantra is “You Only Live Once,” or YOLO.

The WallStreetBets community shares stock trading ideas, silly and inappropriate MEMEs, and is full of insults and banter. Only stocks with market capitalizations above $1 billion are discussed in the moderated forums.

WallStreetBets users have begun a coordinated effort buy up select stocks. Here’s what they’re doing . . .

  1. Find stocks with a large short position (usually owned by hedge funds)
  2. Buy call options on those stocks to get significant exposure without a lot of capital
  3. Buy common shares of stock in the market to help boost the price

This is a popular strategy that hedge funds LOVE to use against individual investors.

As the price goes up, the short sellers run for cover. And they’re forced to add capital to maintain margin requirements. Or they must cover the short position by purchasing the stock in the market. Of course, more buying simply sends the stock price higher

WallStreetBets has already targeted:

  • Blackberry (NYSE: BB),  up 281%
  • Theater chain AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC),  up 890%
  • Video game retailer GameStop (NYSE: GME) shares have surged 1,914%

Pre-IPOs are another area of the market posting fast triple-digit gains. And I’m ready to share my No. 1 new trade for 2021.

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Millions of individual investors are earning huge gains with these trades.

Gains from the common stock are huge. Yet those trading call options can see 5X or even 10X or more profits.

Meanwhile, Wall Street hedge funds are losing billions.

Steve Cohen’s Point72 is suffering a 10% – 15% loss this month. D1 Capital is down 20%. And Melvin Capital has YTD losses of 30%.

The major U.S. stock indices fell 2% on Wednesday. And there’s even speculation that short covering by hedge funds was a major reason behind the overall market decline.

It looks like this is the early innings of a major power shift. And it looks like regular folks like us will finally be able to take on Wall Street’s biggest investors and hedge funds.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

Full Disclosure: Ian Wyatt owns Blackberry stock.

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