What’s Hidden on Page 60 of the White House’s Budget Report

The White House doesn’t believe the Fed.

At least that’s what it seems on page 60 of their 10-year Biden Budget… where it assumes an inflation rate that’s 15% higher than what the Fed said.

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The White House unveiled its 10-year budget report a few weeks ago.

In it they make assumptions about interest rates, GDP, inflation, etc.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

When they released it—the Fed was still insisting they’d would keep inflation at 2% over the long term.

This is pretty remarkable because Janet Yellen was probably instrumental in drafting that report… and she used to be the Chair of the Fed.

So even the Fed doesn’t believe the Fed.

Shortly after…

The Fed dropped their 2% rhetoric and said they expect inflation will climb to 3.4% this year.

This is not surprising because you can’t just keep printing money and hope inflation will not explode.

You’ve probably already noticed it in your own bills.

Grocery prices have climbed 2.2%… airfares are up almost 25%… gas prices more than 50% year over year…

Even spring flowers are delivering the scent of inflation.

That’s why you have:

  • Ray Dalio saying that “government spending raises the risks of inflation”…
  • Carl Icahn saying he believes “inflation already exists”…
  • And Warren Buffet acknowledging that “we’re seeing very substantial inflation.”

So while the central bank keeps playing it down…

It’s clear inflation has already reared its ugly head.

So how can we investors prepare?

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