White House Issues EV Executive Order – Here’s Who Wins

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50% of new cars will be Electric Vehicles.

That’s according to a new Executive Order signed by President Joe Biden on Aug. 5.

The announcement helps seal the certainty of a 10-year-plus Electric Vehicle boom in America. And it could hand early investors groundbreaking profits.

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President Biden’s campaign promised a “green revolution.” The President views EVs as a critical way to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

That’s why the President just signed…

Executive Order on Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks

Biden wants 50% of new cars sold in America to be EVs by 2030.

That’s going to mean billions invested in battery metal deposits, batteries, EV charging, and manufacturing. Most importantly, the president wants our country to develop these capabilities within the U.S.

Today there are just 2 million all-electric vehicles on America’s roads. Only 2% of new cars sold last year were EVs.

This suggests the number of new EVs could increase 25 times within 9 years!

This could require $100 billion in capital investment in America, according to estimates from Barron’s Magazine.

Billions will be spent converting auto manufacturing plants, building EV charging stations, and creating battery factories in America.

Biden’s big goal suggests 8 million new EVs per year will be bought in America. And every one of those vehicles will require vast amounts of critical battery metal including lithium.

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Expect 1,200% Increase in Lithium Demand

Lithium is one of the key metals used to produce EV batteries.

The price of lithium has already doubled in the last year. And increasing demand indicates that the price of the metal could keep rising from these levels.

Mining companies pulled approximately 400,000 tons of lithium from the ground last year. And that was enough to supply global production of 2 – 3 million electric vehicles.

Projections for global EV sales suggest that the world will require an extra 5 million tons of lithium annually.

That translates into a 1,200% increase from current levels of production – by the end of the decade.

That’s right. Demand for this critical battery metal could increase dramatically over the next few years. And yet most investors continue to sit on the sidelines and ignore the battery metal boom.

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