Dow Freefall: One Investment You Should Sell Today

If you could sell just one investment today what would it be?

In light of the Dow’s 200 point drop this morning, you might be wondering if you should sell winners and losers alike.

But before you do, I’d like to tell you about a way to sell an investment you’ve likely never sold before – and how it could net you 12% in income over the next year – no matter what happens to stocks

More importantly, this sort of investment benefits from a falling market. If you believe that the past 3 years of the Federal Reserve’s smoke and mirrors stock market boom can’t last forever, this investment is something you should know about.

I began researching this investment this past March – when I asked one of my top analysts, ex-Wall Streeter Andy Crowder to help me devise a way to increase my income on my investments.

While the Fed’s money printing has helped bolster stock prices, it has had the opposite effect on typical “safe” income investments – as you may have noticed.

What Andy shared with me on that cold March afternoon was a unique way to capture short-term income from an existing portfolio of investments.

He explained that is was possible to simply start earning investment income from my portfolio starting today. 

  • It didn’t require more capital investment.
  • It didn’t require buying more stock.
  • And there was zero downside risk.

I could simply start collecting extra income from my portfolio of stocks, immediately.  And the most compelling part of this unique investment strategy was that it was a short duration – meaning I could collect more income from most investments every three months.

I was skeptical at first. But after spending countless days with Andy poring over market data and past trades, I was convinced. There really was an amazing opportunity to leverage this simple concept to earn extra income every month.

Andy and I have spent the last few months working together to perfect this strategy.

At this point, we’ve figured out a simple way that every investor…whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro…can begin collecting extra investment income from the stocks in your portfolio.

It may sound too good to be true.  But I promise you that it is possible.

In fairness to his paying readers, I can’t tell you exactly what investments he’s selling to generate this type of income – but I can give you something even better.

Andy’s holding a FREE special event this Thursday, and as a loyal reader, you’re invited to attend.

This live webinar takes place on Thursday June 27 at 1 pm ET.  Click here to get signed up.

You won’t want to miss Andy’s live one-hour presentation.  In addition to real-world examples, he’ll also be fielding live questions from attendees.  You’ll have every opportunity to learn the details of this unique strategy from one of our very best income-investing experts at Wyatt Investment Research.

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