Financials Lead: GS, KEY, FITB Up

No sooner do I say that the news cycle is turning negative, we get some significant upgrades in the financial sector. Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) got an "outperform" rating and rose 5.2%. 
RBC Capital Markets called KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) a "top pick" and the shares ramped 20%. And Fifth Third Bancorp (Nasdaq:FITB) rose 7% after it reported that it has filled the capital shortfall identified during the Treasury’s "stress tests." 
At least for a day, the financials re-took their leadership for the markets. Though it should be noted that the Financials ETF (AMEX:XLF) has not made a new high, and the financials are sharing the stage with energy stocks. 
*****Money managers report that a lot of cash is sitting in the sidelines. Both individual and institutional investors have been slow to get back into the stock market. 
Of course, that’s exactly the scenario that can keep stocks moving higher. At least, so long as the economic data doesn’t take a turn for the worse. 
*****Citigroup reported in a research note that put options volume is picking up and so is the Volatility Index, the VIX. Investors buy put options to profit form downside moves for stock prices. Institutional investors protect gains in large portfolios with put options. 
The VIX measures the cost of put options. When it rises, it means that investors see increasing risk in the stock market. Citigroup’s chief technical analyst, Tom Fitzpatrick, believes the rise in the VIX is showing "strong warning signals" for the rally. 
*****Bulls vs. Bears, fear vs. greed – that’s what it always comes down to. Will the analysts who see better times ahead for the banks win out? Or will those who see "warning signs" be right? As always, we’ll see… 
*****The gains just keep coming for SmallCapInvestor PRO stocks. Since March, we’ve seen a 152% gain from our top oil stock, and we had Genco Shipping (NYSE:GNK) hit triple-digit territory before recent weakness took it below that threshold.  
Now, one of our top China stocks is knocking on the triple-digit door. The obvious catalyst for this stock will is that it moves off the over-the-counter market and starts trading on the Nasdaq as soon as today. I expect the increased exposure to help drive the share prices higher.  
This stock blew through our conservative $8 price target. The new listing and rising prices for its product will have a positive influence on shares. Our target price is being raised to $14 per share. That’s about 40% higher from current prices.   
I am very bullish on Chinese stocks. And SmallCapInvestor PRO now has 3 Chinese stocks in the portfolio. In fact, we just added one on Wednesday. I’ve put all three stocks in a brand new Special Report called "Going for Growth: 3 Top Chinese Stocks to Buy NOW." Find out how to get your copy HERE.

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