Goldman Blows Out Earnings: Numbers vs. Actions

Dear Investor,
"Given the challenging fundamental backdrop in the global economy, we continue to be cautious about the near-term outlook for our businesses …" 
That’s what Goldman Sachs CFO had to say after it posted pretty good earnings numbers on Monday. Of course, no one in the banking sector in his or her right mind is going to say things are great. But numbers are one thing, actions are another. 
Goldman earned $1.66 billion in the first quarter, or $3.39 a share. Analysts were expecting earnings of $1.64 a share. Goldman essentially blew the numbers out of the water, like Wells Fargo. 
But here’s the sticky point: Goldman said it will repay its $10 billion in TARP money as soon as possible. What’s the holdup? 
If I recall correctly, Goldman was adamant that it didn’t need the government’s loot. And judging from yesterday’s earnings, the company has written down nearly all of its "legacy leverage loans." And don’t forget the $12 billion payout it received from AIG.  
From a numbers standpoint, Goldman sounds in good shape. So why is the company selling $5 billion in stock to raise money to pay back its TARP loan?
There’s an inconsistency here, and that’s probably why the stock is down $7.50 in the early going today. 
*****I’m not putting too much weight on the drop in retail sales for March. Most of that drop had to do with low gas prices, and that’s good. If consumers choose to take those savings and use them to recapitalize their own base (in other words save instead of spending on clothes and such), that’s a good thing. Consumers don’t have the option to sell stock to recapitalize themselves like Goldman does. We have to do it the old-fashioned way. And that will take time. And a better employment picture. 
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