Wyatt Research Week-in-Review

How’s your bracket looking?
That’s a question most Americans are asked this time of the year as March Madness – that wonderfully unpredictable and nearly-impossible-to-predict 68-team college basketball tournament – is in full swing.
Everyone from your eight-year-old son to your 91-year-old grandmother fills out a March Madness bracket. Even Warren Buffett got in on the action this year, offering $1 billion to anyone with a perfect bracket. You’d have a better shot at winning the lottery.
To get into the spirit of things, this week we tried something different at Wyatt Investment Research. We set up a field of 16 growth stocks – March Madness bracket-style – all of which have the potential to become the next Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) – a stock that has returned more than 400% since we added shares to our $100k Portfolio just over two years ago.
Over the past five days, we’ve narrowed our Sweet 16 down to a Final Four. On Tuesday, we will reveal a winner. The details, as well our original list of 16 stocks and our eventual Final Four, are all below.
Here’s what else we were talking about at Wyatt Research this week:
Make 19.5% in Income Using this Silver ETF – American investors have “heard” that selling puts is inherently risky. For whatever reason, there’s no doubting that this fear of selling puts exists. The fear is real. But the evidence for this fear is scant.
Which of These 16 Growth Stocks is the Next Netflix – Over the next week, you’ll have an opportunity to discover 16 growth stocks that we believe could be the next Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) – a stock that rose more than 400% in two years.
How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Dividend Stocks? – By July 2015, interest rates will “officially” rise when the Fed lifts the federal funds rate from zero to somewhere north of zero. That inspired one of the more frequent questions we encounter at High Yield Wealth these days: “How will rising interest rates impact dividend stocks?”
Our Final Four Stocks Picks on the Road to the Next Netflix – We’re searching for the next Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) – a growth stock with a chance to gain 432% in two years. And today we narrow the field down to a “Final Four.”
How I Earned a 16% Return Trading this Warren Buffett Stock Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) is the No. 1 holding of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. It’s also the perfect stock to trade using covered calls. Here’s how I earned 16% on Wells Fargo in just five months.
Franco-Nevada Stock: A Golden Dividend Payer – Gold has staged quite a comeback in 2014, rising 10.8% year-to-date. But a select few gold miners have done even better.
Which Stock is the “Next Netflix” On Tuesday, Ian Wyatt is investing $10,000 in the winning stock of our financial March Madness – the stock with 5-bagger potential he’s calling the “Next Netflix.” If you want to join him, he’s revealing all the details of this stock and providing a full analysis of its business in a brand new report that’s being released just after the market opens on Tuesday, April 1. To make sure you get your hands on this report – for FREE! – the instant it’s published… click here to reserve your copy.
New iPhone 6 Could Send Apple Stock – The chatter on tech blogs has heated up on reports of a significantly larger screen size for the upcoming iPhone 6 launch. This has led Wall Street analysts to project that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) will enjoy an earnings growth of 10-15% in addition to a marked increase in share price in 2014.
The Only Safe Way to Double Your Income AT&T (NYSE: T) is one of the more reliable dividend-growth and income investment stocks on the market.  But what if I told you that you could double your income and yield on AT&T by two to three times or more each year?
VIDEO: Why Investing Is Like Filling Out a March Madness Bracket – Filling out a March Madness bracket is a lot like building an investment portfolio. You can make informed decisions and educated guesses based on extensive research. Ultimately, however, no one knows for sure which stocks are going to be winners.
Thanks for making us part of your weekend. Throughout the week, please make sure to visit WyattResearch.com for the information you need to know and opinions you need to read to become a better investor.

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