Is the Only Way to Make Money to Earn It?

Oil prices are slightly lower this morning. That should mean stocks will trade lower today as well. And while many are saying the fundamentals of this economic recovery do not support current prices for stocks or oil, I wouldn’t get too excited about an imminent trade-worthy decline. 
More likely, we will see any dip get bought by the bulls. And I doubt any dip will last for more than two days… 
*****Sometimes, the financial markets can be very simpleminded–even downright dumb. And I believe now is one of those times. The federal government has committed to pouring as much cash into the economy as is necessary to keep prices from falling too much. And that may be all we need to know. 
After all, banks can make money when they have the ability to borrow at 0.5% interest. They can make more money in fees when the government is sponsoring mortgage loan modifications. And when the government forced banks to raise more capital by selling stock, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) may have made as much as $1 billion in profit from fees associated with secondary offerings. 
Car companies and banks can make money from the Cash for Clunkers programs. Auto sales rose 13% in June, helped by this program. Heck, Ford (NYSE:F) posted its first rise in sales since 2007! 
*****Some estimate that 40% of the world’s wealth was lost in the wake of Lehman’s collapse and the financial crisis. The only way to get that money back is to earn it. But companies aren’t really earning money the old-fashioned way — government policies are focused on allowing companies to do just that.
Sure, it’s a form of trickle down economics. And while the long-term success may be questionable as there are always unintended consequences, make no mistake about the effect on the short-term. Assets are being reflated. Home values, stock prices, commodities – all can be expected to move higher. 
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Ian Wyatt
Daily Profit 
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