Russia, China, India, Brazil Seek to Dump Dollar

Jason Cimpl, technical analyst at TradeMaster Daily Stock Alerts, called yesterday’s 2.5% drop on the S&P 500 to a tee. If you watched the video chart analysis from Jason that I included in Friday’s Daily Profit, then you were ready for Monday’s sell-off. I hope you were able to profit from it. 
And bonus points to Jason for calling the closing level of the S&P within 2 points. I think Jason’s video chart analysis will be a welcome addition to Daily Profit. Look for the next one in Friday’s edition. 
******If it weren’t for gasoline, prices at the wholesale level would have fallen 0.1% in May. Still, prices are off 5% from this time last year. That’s the biggest drop in 50 years. Is this good news? 
Not for corporate profits, and so probably not for valuations. And not for the Fed, who’s terrified of deflation. But for the crowd expecting runaway inflation because of a weaker dollar and rising interest rates, it might be. 
It should be obvious that weak demand and high unemployment will keep a lid on prices in the short-term. Remember too that it took 18 months before rising oil prices really started to find their way into the prices of consumer goods, too. Right now, inflation expectations are just that – expectations. 
Still, those expectations have helped oil and commodity prices run higher… 
*****And inflation expectations aren’t the only thing driving commodity prices higher. Demand from emerging markets, especially China and India, remains fairly strong. After all, these countries have money to spend to help re-inflate their economies. 
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*****The Ural mountain city of Yekaterinburg, Russia takes center stage in global economic news today. The BRIC countries–Brazil, Russia, India and China–are holding their first ever summit starting today. The U.S. is not invited. 
That’s because these emerging economic giants want more control over the global economy. And with a combined 42% of global currency reserves, they are in position to throw their weight around a little. 
It’s no secret that the U.S. depends on these countries to buy our Treasuries and fund our bailout and stimulus plans, not to mention our trade deficit. So the news that these countries will be discussing plans to diversify away from American bonds and buy IMF bonds is important for the U.S. dollar. Just last week Brazil pledged $10 billion purchase IMF bonds. That’s a far cry from the day’s when Brazil was synonymous with hyper-inflation and a poster child for coming to the developed world hat-in-hand. 
But there’s more to the story, especially with China. Some estimate that China has as much as $1.3 trillion of foreign reserves, most of it in dollars. And right now, China is putting that money to work stockpiling commodities and supporting its economy. So buying Chinese stocks, especially Chinese commodity stocks, is a great idea right now. 
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