Morgan Stanley: Stock Market ‘Melt Up’ Starts Now

*** URGENT WARNING ***stock market
Morgan Stanley just issued a stock market “melt up” alert . . .
Telling clients to prepare for surging stock prices.
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Plus, Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) is expecting big gains for stocks in the coming weeks.
It’s good to listen up when two major Wall Street banks give the same advice – within 24-hours.
The S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) is up 17% in 2019. Yet inflows to equity funds have been quite modest.
This suggests that investors are keeping capital on the sidelines.
Better-than-expected economic data could encourage investors to jump into the market. And a rush of new capital could send stocks to new all-time highs.
Morgan Stanley analyst Andrew Sheets told clients . . .
“As the rally continues, investors are growing more excited about the possibility of a ‘melt-up’ – a further sharp move higher in the U.S. market fueled by a dovish Fed, stabilizing data and light investor positioning.”
The CEO at Wall Street’s biggest asset manager is also predicting a melt-up for the stock market.
Blackrock’s Larry Fink told CNBC that “record levels of cash” on the sidelines could fuel the next leg up for the bull market.
Top Stocks for the Coming Melt-Up
So, you’re probably wondering . . .
“What’s the best way to profit from the coming melt-up?”
And that’s a great question.
“Riskier” investments often perform best during the final phases of a bull market.
That’s because investors who have cash on the sidelines want to make up for lost time. So, they don’t jump into conservative blue-chip stocks or ETFs.
Instead, they’ll buy up biotechs, technology stocks and these cannabis stocks.
Frankly, “pot stocks” could be among the biggest winners. And the reason is the huge and growing business.
The market for legal cannabis is expected to reach $100 billion within 10 to 12 years . . . marking a 953% growth rate.
That growth means a cannabis stock IPO boom is underway . . . with dozens of new stocks going public in the next 90 days.
For companies looking to invest $50 million or $100 million into new growing facilities and dispensaries . . .
Going public is the ONLY option. It’s the only way for most cannabis companies to raise considerable amounts of capital.
Bank of America and Morgan Stanley will NEVER recommend this cannabis stock strategy (even though it can deliver huge profits).
Instead, they tell clients to buy index funds like the S&P 500 – and settle for small gains.
Don’t settle for small gains.
When a stock market “melt-up” gets underway and stock prices surge, you’ll want to own the most explosive stocks.
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Ian Wyatt

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