Trump’s Trade War ‘Knock Out Punch’

China just responded to President Trump’s trade war . . . Trump's trade war
The world’s biggest country plans to restrict the export of rare-earth metals to the U.S.
The move around Trump’s trade war may create shockwaves for technology and defense companies . . . including Apple, Lockheed Martin and Tesla Motors.
The rare earth ban will force Trump to secure America’s No. 1 source of energy.
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Today, the U.S. obtains 80% of its rare earth metals from China. And while you probably never heard of metals named lanthanum, terbium and erbium . . .
Chances are very good that you are dependent upon these elements.
For example, the Apple iPhone replies upon rare earth metals in its screen and batteries. Without access to these rare earth metals,  Apple could be forced to halt production of iPhones.
And Tesla Motors uses a rare earth metal called neodymium in its electric vehicle motors. Its only source is a Beijing company.
Now, iPhones and electric cars are important . . .
But they’re not nearly as crucial as this No. 1 element.
This one commodity is far more crucial than rare earth metals. It powers 25% of American homes. And is crucial for operating American aircraft carriers and submarines.
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Today, American domestic production of this element is almost nonexistent. Our country imports 97% of this element. And that means we are highly dependent upon rogue nations for this critical element.
Right now, there’s a movement to protect America’s interests . . . and secure our own domestic production.
That’s why the Department of Commerce just spent 15 months researching this situation and the domestic security needs of the country.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross just shared his recommendation with the president. And Trump is expected to make a major decision by July 14.
Trump’s decision to protect America could spark a new commodity super-cycle.
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