Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: April 7-13

Investor optimism came crashing down as the major stock market indices pulled back.  For the week, the S&P 500 dropped 2.4% while the Nasdaq shed 2.7%.
With earnings season kicking off, and the markets falling, there was much news to digest. In today’s issue of the Wyatt Research Week-in-Review, we present the best ideas from our analysts and editors.
Why a Market Correction Should Not Be Feared – With stock prices falling in recent days, some investors are spooked. Growth stocks in particular – including tech and biotechs have fallen the most. But don’t panic. Instead, learn how to use a stock market correction to your advantage.
Daily Stock Chart Analysis: 32% Profit Potential – In this new daily column, Rick shares a timely and actionable trade. He thinks this stock could jump 32% in the next 6 – 9 months.
13x the Income from Your Blue Chip StockDo you want to earn extra income from your portfolio of blue chip stocks? Is the answer is Yes, than you’ll want to read Andy’s latest article. He shows you how to earn up to 13x the income from America’s top blue chip stocks.
Want to Invest Like John D. Rockefeller? – Rockefeller was a talented business magnate. And he was equally talented as an investor and loved receiving big fat dividend checks. Today you can learn to invest like Rockefeller, and start collecting a steady stream of investment income.
Russian Investments: Cheap Stocks, Healthy Dividends – Russian stocks have taken a big hit, after Vladimir Putin’s aggression against the Ukraine. But with one Russian ETF falling 19%, the stock market is cheap. Not only that, the index offers a dividend yield that is 68% higher than the S&P 500. Get the name of that ETF right now.
Can the Amazon Fire TV Save The Stock – Even after the launch of the Amazon Fire TV, shares of AMZN keep falling. With the stock now down nearly 100 points from the recent high, investors should be concerned.
Top 10 IPOs for Big Profits in 2014 – IPOs came roaring back in 2013, and investors are making big profits investing in new stock issues. These 10 companies plan to go public this year, and could deliver big gains to early investors. Discover the companies with the biggest IPO potential.
Next week is sure to be another exciting week, as we closely monitor the financial markets and first quarter earnings season. Be sure to tune in for updates throughout the day at www.wyattresearch.com
While the ski areas are still open for business, spring has finally arrived in Vermont. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend away from the stock market.

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