The 50% Trading Formula

Why do I still hear from investment “experts” that we should be buying stocks? It’s always the same story. Buy stocks and forget about them, eventually they’ll go sectors
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That’s all the mainstream media, your mutual fund advisor and your personal money manager will ever tell you.
Investment professionals would have you believe you should diversify among asset classes, pick the right stocks and average-in. They will point to charts that show if you held this asset or that asset over the last 30, 50 or 70 years you would have made healthy returns.
Could it be because the professional investment managers and mutual funds don’t care about your financial future? Or is it that they are too busy trying to sell their products that they have forgotten their job is to make clients money
If they truly cared they would use every investment tool at their disposal.
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Which brings me back to the performance of the market and how you can learn to make money using strategies that take advantage of bullish, bearish or range-bound markets . . . and do better than just “buy and hold.”
So, how do you make money in the aforementioned markets? That’s the question the money experts should be asking.

Secrets of the 50% Trading Formula

In Sunday’s Edition of The Strike Price I discussed an iron condor trade in SPY where we simultaneously:
Sold to open SPY August 250 calls
Bought to open SPY August 252 calls
Sold to open SPY August 228 puts
Bought to open SPY August 226 puts for $0.50.
The trade consists of a two-strike wide iron condor with a range of 22 points and an expiration cycle of roughly 60 days.
As a result, we want to manage the trade using the 50% trading formula. The 50% trading formula is simple.
We remove winners when we have the ability to lock in half of the original premium sold.
In this case, since we brought in $0.50 at order entry our goal would be to take off the trade for $0.25 or 14.3%. Moreover, we lock in losers when the loss is double the original premium.
Since we brought in $0.50 of premium on the trade we would limit our loss to roughly $1. This approach allows the probabilities to work themselves our over time.

50% Trading Formula: Live Event

I introduced the Iron Condor Portfolio at the onset of 2017 taking the 50% formula approach. So far, so good. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a win ratio of 90.9%, with a 9% average return per trade.
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