A New Opportunity to Learn Options Trading

Today starts a new adventure for Wyatt Investment Research.
I’ve finally been given free reign to write several times a week, about my favorite tool for investing . . . options.
For some of you, this may not be helpful. I’m not sure why, but you’ve sworn off options.
I hope that over time you will give a few of my articles a chance and eventually see that options can be a useful part of your long-term investment endeavors.
For others, well, you are hooked and want to know more and more how you can use options to hedge a stock or portfolio. Some of you might want to learn how to use options to bring in steady income on a monthly or even weekly basis. And others, well, you just want to tack on a few extra percentage points on your overall return for the year.
With that said, let’s get started.

Learn Options Trading 

First, a brief intro to trading options.  We should all start with the proper mentality needed to “trade options” because there are far too many investors out there trading options without a full understanding about the range of risks they face.
I hope to address that issue and much, much more as we move along what should be a very interesting journey into the world of options trading.
Nonetheless, options can offer lucrative opportunities and give you, the investor, the ability to create profits rather easily, when options are used appropriately. On the other hand, options can also offer you a terrifying experience. . . when used incorrectly. But those who use options correctly know that there is no better strategy in the entire market for creating consistent, profitable returns.
Just as there are different ways to play poker or chess for that matter, there are different strategies for trading options. Hopefully, over our journey I will present you with a few sound, conservative strategies (intermingled with a few — “few” being the key word — riskier opportunities for good measure) designed to maximize your returns, while simultaneously minimizing risks.
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Also, if you have any questions along the way please feel free to email me at [email protected].

How to Make 13% a Month Trading Volatility

I recently held a webinar about the “New Bull Market” in volatility and the options strategies I am using to take advantage of it. If you are interested in learning my approach and how I use probabilities to my advantage  please click here.

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