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Investing when a stock, sector or the overall market is down takes fortitude. You must truly believe in what you are investing in and use your conviction wisely.
There is no doubt that we’ve seen lots of big move for marijuana stocks recently. And it shouldn’t be surprising.
Just look at the volatility in the chart of the marijuana ETF. There’s no doubt volatility exists, but again, volatility is always prevalent during the infancy of a new sector. It’s the trend higher that matters . . . and that is plainly evident in the chart.
But remember, volatility is what offers us the ability to get in at better prices . . . and it’s offering us another opportunity now. And since the onset of the sector we’ve witnessed numerous pullbacks, each offering a wonderful opportunity to take a position.
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If you are reading this, I’m certain you are bullish on the cannabis sector.
What I do need to tell you is this: Be wise in your approach
Don’t blindly buy a bunch of over-the-counter or pink sheet marijuana stocks. Look toward the best stocks in the sector.
In fact, don’t buy stocks period.
Use a better approach . . . an approach that allows you to diversify amongst a basket of stocks  60% to 85% cheaper than buying those same stocks outright. More importantly, use a strategy that allows you to keep your losses at bay while allowing yourself to make three to five times more than the share price.
Just last month,  Oct. 10 to be exact,  I took a position in Scotts Miracle-Gro (NYSE: SMG).  The stock was trading for $72.88.
I didn’t want to plunk down $7,288 for 100 shares of stock, so I decided to use an alternative strategy.
Instead of forking out $7,288, I only had to pay $2,020. That’s 72.3% cheaper than buying shares.
Now I had the ability to use the $5,268 saved to take on a different position, thereby diversifying my approach amongst a basket of well-known cannabis stocks.
So, I did just that.
Instead of paying $2,148 for shares of Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CARA), I paid $860. A savings of 60%.
Now I have two positions for less than $3,000. If I had purchased shares outright I would have spent $9,436.
So, considering my savings, I took on one more position, diversifying a bit further.
I decided to add Canopy Growth (NASDAQ: CGC). So, instead of paying $5,189 for shares I paid $2,700.
I now have three positions for just over $5,500. If I had purchased shares outright I would have spent $14,625.
But that’s not even the best part.
A strategy is defined not by how much money you save, but it’s ability to make profits while keeping the drawdowns minimal.
Well, we can check that box because look how our three positions have performed since they were initiated.

  • CARA stock is down 4.9%, while my strategy has made 11.1%.
  • Canopy Growth is down 18.2%, while my strategy is only down 4.1%.
  • SMG is up 7.3%, while my strategy is up 34.1%.

In each instance we have outperformed the shares of stock.
But these aren’t the only positions we hold and we will be adding more next week.
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Yours in Profits,
Andy Crowder

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