Did You Collect Your $2,392 This Month?

The government-approved Stock Rental Royalties Program I urged my clients to sign up for has already paid them $2,392 in minimum payments this month.
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Let’s take a look at the royalties that were paid out so far in May…
Keep in mind – these are the MINIMUM payments. You can actually collect 10x…20x…30x more (or as much as you want).
It really just depends on the refundable deposit you put down according to the program.

  • Dow — $115
  • Exxon — $123
  • IBM — $216
  • Verizon — $108
  • Chevron — $256
  • Pfizer — $63
  • 3M — $246
  • Wallgreens Boots Alliance — $54
  • Cisco — $68
  • Coca-Cola — $98
  • GLD — $179
  • SPY — $402
  • TLT — $140
  • IWM — $219
  • EFA — $105

Remember – my clients are receiving these minimum monthly payouts WITHOUT actually buying shares of the stocks.
In fact, all they’re doing is putting down a small annual deposit (that’s refundable – so you get it back later).
In other words, they are “renting out” these stocks without owning them.
And collecting royalty checks in the process.
If that sounds a little confusing, don’t worry about it.
It’s actually incredibly simple and anybody can do it.
I’m putting on a live webinar explaining how this program works.
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Inside, I’m going to be going over how this program works and showing you LOTS of examples of royalty checks you can collect from big blue chip companies every month.
If you want consistent monthly income – then this simple tactic is for you.
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