Royalties: Forgot to Tell You About the $12,447

I forgot to mention something in yesterday’s Strike Price issue.
If you’ll remember, I was really excited about showing how my clients had already received $2,392 in minimum Stock Rental Royalties this month.
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But I forgot to mention how much we collected during the crazy, volatile COVID-19 selloff.
You see, a lot of people have been asking me, “Do these companies pay out big royalties even if their stock prices are getting hammered?”
The reason why so many people want to know is because – if you can receive royalties on stocks that are tanking WITHOUT having to actually risk money buying shares of that stock outright…
… well then that’s pretty much the most amazing money-making scenario you can imagine, right?
In fact, it even sounds a little “too good to be true.”
But I assure you – it’s 100% true.
In fact – for bear markets, there is a Stock Rental Royalties Program that pays out even BIGGER checks if stocks tank.
And with that program alone, my clients were able to receive MINIMUM cash payouts of $12,447 so far.
By minimum I mean, if you had followed this program
And you had signed up to receive the MINIMUM amount of stock rental royalties possible – then you would have made a total $12,447.
However, the fact is that you could increase that payout by any amount you wish.
As you’ll learn in my FREE live webinar (click here to register) this Government-approved Stock Rental Royalty Program involves putting down a refundable deposit on stocks you DON’T own.
So that means you don’t actually have to buy shares of these blue-chip stocks outright.
And you can collect monthly rental royalty checks on these stocks.
Then get your deposit back later, while keeping 100% of that income you received.
So, depending on the amount of money you put down as refundable collateral, that $12,447 could have turned into $124,470…or $1,244,700.
It’s really just up to you.
There are SEVERAL more payouts coming in the next couple of weeks.
Don’t miss out on them – click here so I can show you how this program works and how to get started ASAP.
See you on the webinar!

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