Volatility Isn’t Bad – It’s Profitable

Volatility isn’t bad.
If fact, it can be profitable – if you know how to use it.
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When most investors think of volatility, their minds usually go straight to massive downdrafts in the market like we saw late last year.
That’s not entirely wrong, nor is it entirely right.
A better way to think of volatility is as a measure of the magnitude of change – either up or down.
While most investors don’t like for their stocks to fall, there are always short-sellers out there. They DO like volatility.
A Better Way to Profit From Volatility
For each individual stock, volatility spikes four times a year, like clockwork.
Earnings season.
Every three months, most publicly traded companies report their earnings for the past quarter. Good or bad, companies are legally obligated to tell you how they performed over the past quarter.
And, like clockwork, investors start making bets on whether a company beat earnings estimates or not.
Regardless of what the consensus is, all that buying-and-selling creates volatility. Here’s an example . . .
Walmart (NASDAQ: WMT) is the great American retailer. Frankly, it’s the benchmark for American retail.
So, four times every year during earnings season, investors start making bets on whether Walmart’s earnings went up or down.
That creates a large spike in volatility, followed by a steep decline. And that’s where we make our profits.
trading strategy
We recently locked in a better than 22% gain on Walmart – OVERNIGHT. We bought in just before Walmart reported earnings and sold after it did. The trade didn’t even take a full 24-hours.
Since Wyatt’s chief trading strategist Andy Crowder launched Earnings Season Trader back in the fall of 2017, 80% of our trades have made money – because it’s a trading strategy based on volatility, not directionality.
It really doesn’t matter if a company beats estimates or not – you can profit either way with this trading strategy
And because every stock’s volatility spikes four times a year during earnings season, we get to enjoy four opportunities a year to make windfall gains in every stock we trade.
It’s about the closest you can get to an investment ATM. Click here to see our last 50 trades.
This strategy has given investors an opportunity to turn $1,000 into $53,383 in only 49 total trading days.
And with only about five minutes required for each trade, you would only have needed a total of 4.2 hours to earn gains of 5,383.3%.
It’s that simple.
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Here’s to Profits,
Ben Shepherd

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