My Profit Strategy for This Uncertain Market: 5 Steps

Low interest rates continue to fuel the bulls.profit strategy
But for how long?
We’ve seen over a decade of easy money. Interest rates sit at historic lows. The market sits at historic highs.
Geopolitical turmoil is rearing its ugly head and ongoing trade wars continue to dominate the headlines.
Investors’ heads are spinning, and rightfully so.
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I’m often asked,” how can I make money in a market with so many uncertainties?”
My response: patience.
For instance, we have one of the best trading opportunities of the year coming up in a couple of weeks. But the trading window only lasts about a month. It’s fast and furious. But, the most important part . . . it’s incredibly profitable.
Four times a year, investors are greeted with this remarkable trading opportunity.
It’s an opportunity that stems from uncertainties surrounding individual stocks during earnings season.
Uncertainties bring increased levels of volatility for stocks prior to reporting results. As soon as earnings are reported, volatility plummets.
These volatility-driven, one-day events offer big profits for traders.
Since we started making these one-day, volatility-driven trades, our track record stands at 54 wins, 13 losses – for a win ratio of 79.7%. More importantly, our return is 572.8%. That’s right, 572.8%.
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Now there are a few guidelines that must be followed in order to be successful.

  1. Only trade highly-liquid stocks.
  2. Make sure volatility in the highly-liquid stock you wish to trade is at heightened levels.
  3. Find the expected move of the stock of interest.
  4. Use the appropriate strategy.
  5. Use the appropriate position-size (risk-management)
  6. Take your profits!

Next week I will break down these five steps (and a few other helpful tips) so that you can take advantage of the upcoming earnings season.
I know a few of our subscribers are getting excited. I just received this email from Nina.
“First, let me tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being part of your Earnings Season as well as Options Advantage groups. I have already gained an insane amount of knowledge just from observing your strategies. And I’ve also made a bunch of money. Yay!  I’ve been a member of both groups since February or thereabouts. I am a VERY small trader with a very limited amount of money to work with.
“I have to admit I’m extremely impatient when it comes to the earnings season trades. That is by far the strategy that is most consistently successful for me . . . and it is so hard to wait during the down times between seasons. Ugh!”
I think many agree with Nina. It’s tough waiting for the next earnings season, especially when we have seen so much success.
But again, trading is all about patience. Never force trades, so you can allow the best trading opportunities to come to you. That is what earnings season brings . . . a bounty of incredible trading opportunities!
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