How a 76-Year-Old Grandma Pocketed $23,428 in Liberty Checks

We knew the opportunity to crush the market and pocket Gulliver-sized income was good.liberty checks
We didn’t realize how good . . . until we received an email from Madeline W., a 76-year-old grandmother.
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Madeline emailed us to explain how she had pocketed $23,428 in liberty checks.
It was actually more than one liberty check. The windfall was realized four installments over the course of eight months.
Madeline W. pocketed her first payment, a liberty check for $2,200, on Sept.12.
The second payment occurred on Nov. 22. The liberty check was much bigger this go-around. Madeline W. pocketed $14,623.
When you find an income strategy that works, you stick with it. Madeline W. stuck with it.
She received her third liberty check the following April. This time it was a $6,530 liberty check.
Our income-seeking grandmother wasn’t done yet. For good measure, she followed up to collect a $75 liberty check only a month later.
The four checks do indeed total $23,428.
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Now to address the probing question: How did a 76-year-old grandmother do it?
The process was ridiculously easy.
Madeline W. bought the liberty vouchers of two companies that paid the liberty checks. The first was a large aerospace parts manufacturer. The second was a small-cap metallurgical coal miner.
Anyone could have bought the companies’ liberty vouchers. Madeline W. did, and she collected $23,428 in liberty checks by doing so.
And more income was to be had.
Madeline W. went on to trade her liberty vouchers to generate $4,209 in additional profit.  She realized $27,637 in total income when it was all said and done. Keep in mind that it was all said and done in only eight months.
Madeline W. ended her email with the self-deprecation you might expect from a 76-year-old grandmother. In closing, she said, “If I can do it at 76 years old and with limited English, I think everybody can do it. Kudos!”
She’s right. Everybody can do it.
All you need to do is buy the liberty vouchers, collect the liberty checks, sell the liberty vouchers (with profit in mind).
It’s that easy.
What’s more, the opportunity occurs regularly.
We know from experience. We’ve identified 53 liberty check opportunities over the past three years.
The income yields have been spectacular in some instances.
Madeline W.’s metallurgical-coal company paid liberty checks to yield 41.2% on investment.
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We expect a record number of liberty checks to be declared in the second half of 2020. You’ll want to collect your share just like a Madeline W. 
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