Canada Runs Out of Marijuana

Ontario launched a new website called “The Ontario Cannabis Store.” It’s the only way to buy marijuana in Canada’s most populous province.
Within 24-hours of launching, the website received 100,000 online orders!
Legalization is sparking a new Marijuana Buyout Boom. And it could make you very wealthy.
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Canada is quickly running out of cannabis . . .
That creates a major problem for Canadians who want to buy the product through legal channels.
The Quebec government reported 140,000 online and in-store purchases within the first seven days. Some stores may be forced to close – since they’re running out of Canadian cannabis.
Finally, in Manitoba the government says that Canadian cannabis shortages could last at least six months.

1 Million Canadian Cannabis Shipments

Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) is the world’s most valuable cannabis company – with a market capitalization of $9 billion.
The company is also Canada’s biggest supplier of legal weed. In fact, Canopy has been awarded one-third of all supply contracts across Canada.
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CEO Bruce Linton says that the company has shipped 1 million orders of medical cannabis during its first four years.
And, in the first four weeks after legalization, the company is prepared to ship 1 million units!
Within 10 days of legalization, Canopy plans to fulfill its entire 30-day commitment to the various provinces.
Linton commented on the situation, “There is mega demand . . . This is the end of prohibition in a fashion that is absolutely, globally unequaled.”
As the biggest Canadian cannabis company, Canopy is uniquely positioned to meet the excess demand.
Many of the smaller Canadian cannabis producers don’t yet have sales licenses that are required to sell cannabis to consumers. That means that the big players like Canopy will dominate the market in the early days.
Surveys suggest that the typical consumer is spending $80 to $90 Canadian on cannabis. And long lines have been reported at stores across Canada.
This new bull market is just getting started . . .
On Nov. 6, the legal cannabis market could expand once again.
That’s when we’re expecting voters in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah to legalize cannabis. The continued expansion of this market should send pot stocks surging once again before the end of 2018.
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