Canopy Growth Co-Founder Invests $500,000

The ultimate Canadian cannabis insider recently invested $500,000 . . .
And he wasn’t buying one of the “usual suspects.”
Instead, he was buying a 7% equity stake in this tiny Pre-IPO.
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Back in 2013,  nobody wanted to invest in cannabis.
And considered very RISKY.
But that didn’t stop two friends from Toronto from launching Canada’s first cannabis company.
Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) was Canada’s first licensed producer in Canada to go public. The stock was also the first to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange…
That attracted a $3.8 BILLION investment from a Fortune 500 company called Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ).
And its market cap has ballooned to $16.7 BILLION.
Canopy Growth stock has been an absolute monster. A small $5,000 investment grew to $117,705 in just three years!
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After making a fortune with Canopy Growth . . . this insider is BUYING private “Pre-IPO” marijuana stocks.
That includes a $500k investment in this undiscovered company. Click here for details.
Stocks like Canopy Growth have been very, very profitable. Full disclosure: I own the stock and have been thrilled with the gains.
However, Canopy’s big gains are in the past.
If you’re looking for huge upside – and the opportunity to turn $5k into $100k – you need to go elsewhere.
That’s why I’m personally investing in this unique Pre-IPO situation.
It’s a new technology stock that’s brewing beverages from cannabis. With patent-pending technology, the company could dominate the business for THC and CBD beverages.
How big is the market?
Well, the CEO of Molson Coors says it could be worth $3 billion annually . . . and that’s ONLY the Canadian market.
Meanwhile, the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing says it’s a $4.1 billion market. Ultimately, beverages could command 20% of the global cannabis market . . .
Making this a $40 billion industry!
That’s why I’m jumping into this deal right now.
I’m personally investing $20,000 in this private company . . . just 60 – 90 days before I expect the stock to “go public.”
The shares are a bargain: just C$2.50 per share (compared with C$63 for shares of Canopy Growth).
I’m hosting LIVE webinar to reveal all the details.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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