Today’s $101 Million Pot Stock Buyout

The world’s biggest cannabis stock just announced another deal.
The value?
Just $101.3 million.
It’s the latest deal in the Marijuana Buyout Boom!
Right now, I’m taking $100,000 of my kids’ college fund . . . and I’m investing in these top 10 pot stocks.
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Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) announced plans to acquire a privately held company called Canopy Health Innovations.
Canopy Health is creating cannabis-based health products.
The company also owns a subsidiary called Canopy Animal Health. As the name suggests, this company is focused on developing cannabis treatments for pets.
The company has 39 patents pending for medicines targeting humans and animals.
The private company raised $15.8 million from equity investors. And the latest financing included $4 million from Canopy Growth.
Canopy Growth aims to dominate the legal cannabis market.
That’s why Canopy Growth is paying $101 million for Canopy Health Innovations.
Canopy Growth originally planned to take Canopy Health public via an initial public offering (IPO).
An IPO would’ve created wealth for company insiders in the short term . . .
However, Canopy Growth Chairman Bruce Linton is focused on strengthening the company.
That means BUYING smaller players that can add value.
In the last four years, Canopy has completed four buyouts:

  • Hiku Brands for $250 million
  • BC Tweed for $375 million
  • Mettrum Ltd. for $430 million
  • MedCann for $17 million

This latest deal gives Canopy Growth complete control of Canopy Health . . . and moves the company into value-added products.
Dried cannabis will quickly become a commodity product. That’s why it’s crucial for companies like Canopy Growth to create products that go beyond dried cannabis.
The real money won’t be made by cannabis farmers.
It’ll be the companies that take that commodity product – and turn it into something with a far greater value.
That’s sparking something that I call The Marijuana Buyout Boom.
You see, 97% of “pot stocks” will be out business within 10 years.
A handful of major players will dominate the industry . . . by purchasing up the best small players in this marijuana buyout boom.
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