51% Gain for Semiconductor Company that Supplies Apple

Consultant firm Gartner estimates that 54 million tablets, like Apple’s
iPad 2, will be sold in 2011. That’s up from 15 million in

In fact, Gartner says sales of tablets will be so strong that it will
“dramatically” reduce sales of laptop computers for 2011 and 2012. HP,
Acer, and Dell, the three top largest notebook makers, are already
scrambling to find competing products.

Apple’s iPad is driving a whole new cycle of semiconductors, data networks
and subscription pricing.

And here’s one semiconductor stock with a P/E of 5 that could easily rise
51% on tablet sales.

But now Japanese chip companies are having supply problems because of the
recent disasters there.

This company could easily move 51% higher (at least) as earnings jump
higher because unlike many chipmakers, this company has a limited
manufacturing presence in earthquake affected areas in Japan, meaning it
can take up the slack from stalled output from other chipmakers more
directly affected by the earthquake.

Ian Wyatt, of Wyatt Investment Research, recently uncovered a semiconductor
company that supplies memory chips for Apple

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