The Biggest Auto Innovation Since the Assembly Line

auto-innovationThree Silicon Valley billionaires are betting a fortune on one new technology. And it could topple the $2.5 trillion auto industry in the next five years.
That may sound impossible. But remember how Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) killed downtown bookstores across America? Or how Craigslist crushed the newspaper industry by stealing $5 billion of classified ads every year? And how Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is currently destroying the cable industry?
Well, the same thing is about to happen to the automotive industry. If you sit on your hands, you stand to lose a lot of money.
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Last year, Americans bought 16.5 million new vehicles. Total sales in the U.S. topped $1.1 trillion, while global sales were more than $2.5 trillion. That makes the auto industry a huge business.

Silicon Valley: The “New” Detroit

Right now, three of the biggest and most successful tech companies are taking aim at the auto industry. The reason is simple: They view the auto industry incumbents as slow and lazy. And they see an opportunity to create a better product that aims to meet the needs of customers.
By applying Silicon Valley innovation and design to the auto industry, they plan to take over Detroit.
Those companies are Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA).
The CEOs of these companies – all of whom are major shareholders – are betting billions on this new opportunity. Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page and Tesla’s Elon Musk see a huge opportunity.
They’re busy developing the next generation of autos, known simply as self-driving cars.
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These new cars will be able to drive themselves. They will allow owners to hop into the car, tell the car their destination, and be driven in quiet and comfort. They’ll provide every convenience of a chauffeur, without the considerable cost.
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If the answer is yes, you’ll be able to watch a movie, catch up on email or enjoy a relaxing conversion with your spouse on your next trip to the store.
The convenience will be significant. But there are even bigger positive impacts.
The self-driving car will make roads much safer. With fewer drivers behind the wheel, accidents will decline considerably. That will of course save many lives. Plus, it could reduce car insurance premiums by 90%, saving the average consumer $816 per year.
Of course, self-driving cars will also help reduce congestion on the road. That will allow cars to travel more quickly and efficiently, translating into $713 in annual gas savings per car.
You’ve probably heard about self-driving cars in the news. But did you know that they will be in auto dealer showrooms in 2016?
Once they’re available for sale, I expect consumer interest to soar. But right now, this new technology seems far away.
That creates a unique – and timely – opportunity for investors. Once self-driving cars are on the roads, I expect a flood of new investment into the sector.
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Tesla, Apple and Google are creating this

When people think of Tesla, what immediately comes to mind is the world’s first electric car. It’s an astounding achievement. But what few people realize is that Tesla’s next technological wonder could easily put it to shame. Morgan Stanley says this breakthrough could save the American economy $1.3 trillion each year. And Tesla’s not the only one racing to get it out the door. Apple and Google are working on their own versions too. Get the whole story right here.

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