Investment Angle: Apple to Release Cheap iPhone

The Apple iPhone accounts for
approximately 40% of revenue and with a newer, cheaper model,
Apple plans to increase the iPhone’s global market share from
last year’s 3.4%.

Apple recently announced that it is currently working on the next
generation of iPhone. This new phone, code named N97, will be available
to more carriers than the current line-up of just AT&T and Verizon.

The new iPhone is anticipated to run at about half the cost of main
iPhones currently on the market and to be more in line with comparable
competitor models.

The wildly popular iPhone currently accounts for 39% of Apple’s quarterly
revenue. In the fourth quarter alone, that meant over $10 billion in
iPhone sales.

In all, Apple has sold 84 million iPhones since 2007. And in it the first
quarter of its existence, Apple’s iPad tablet computer sold 8 million

The resulting windfall of sales is helping more companies than just
Apple. Wireless carriers, data storage and semiconductor companies are
also enjoying huge jumps in revenues — and stock prices.

Indeed, the semiconductor sector has been one of the unsung heroes of the
past three months. Shares of semiconductor firms have handily outpaced
the broader markets.

One semiconductor company that’s currently flying under Wall Street’s
radar could be as much as 50% undervalued. To discover how you could make
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