Top 3 ‘Space Stocks’ for a $23 Billion Market

$23 stocks
That’s the expected size of the private space business – within the next 11 years.
Three little-known companies plan to dominate this explosive growth market. That’s why billionaire “smart money” investors are placing big bets on space stocks right now.
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So, who are these billionaires? And how are they investing in this sector? Let’s dig into three new companies that could deliver huge profits to early investors.
Blue Origin – funded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
Blue Origin was founded in 2000 by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos. The company is an aerospace manufacturer.
The company is contractor to NASA and the U.S. Air Force. The company got a $10 million contract with NASA for the development of a moon landing system plus a $500 million contract with the Air Force for a next-generation rocket.
Blue Origin is also working on a space tourism business that will fly individuals to space. In May, Bezos explained that he wants to help build a civilization of people living in space.
Bezos has been funding Blue Origin by selling shares of Amazon. It’s recently been reported that he’s been investing $1 billion annually to fund the company’s operations. Click here to become an early investor.
SpaceX – funded by Tesla Motor’s Elon Musk
Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur. His first major success was PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL). And this was followed up by Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA). Yet his space venture may become the most successful.
The company is SpaceX. Founded in 2002, the company aims to reduce the cost of space exploration. And by doing so, SpaceX could make space exploration and colonization a reality.
SpaceX has received over $12 billion in contracts with NASA and the Department of Defense. The company has already made over 100 launches. And annual sales are estimated to be $2 billion.
The company has raised $3.2 billion from investors. Earlier this year, the company was valued at $33 billion. SpaceX could be the next Tesla Motors – go here for details.
Virgin Galactic – funded by Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic in 2004. The British entrepreneur is well known for creating the Virgin Group and Virgin Atlantic airline.
Virgin Galactic is developing spaceships to take tourists to space. The company’s spacecraft called Unity can hold six passengers.
Virgin plans to commence its space tourism flights in 2021 by charging $250,000 per ticket.
Already, more than 600 people have made a deposit and are on the waiting list. The total deposits amount to over $80 million. Plus, the total revenue from 600 flights would be around $150 million. Click here to secure your stake.
The commercialization of space is happening right now.
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