Take That Samsung! Apple Remains U.S. Smartphone King

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has accused Samsung (SSNLF) of knocking off its iPhones. Judging by Apple’s U.S. sales last quarter, who could blame Samsung for trying?

With a 31% share, Apple dominated the U.S. smartphone market yet again last quarter. Samsung phones ran a distant second, with a 24% share.

Here’s a full breakdown of the five best-selling smartphones in the U.S. in the second quarter by market share, according to data from research firm NPD Group:

1.  Apple: 31% market share

2.  Samsung: 24% market share

3.  HTC: 15% market share

4.  LG: 14% market share

5.  Motorola: 6% market share


Now let’s compare that list to the top market shares in the first quarter:

1.  Apple: 29% market share

2.  Samsung: 24% market share

3.  HTC: 15% market share

4.  Motorola: 10% market share

5.  LG: 7% market share


So Apple actually distanced itself more from the rest of the pack last quarter. No wonder Apple shares have gained nearly 8% in the past two weeks despite being embroiled in a nasty patent infringement trial with Samsung.

To sum up, Apple is suing Samsung for $2.5 billion, accusing the South Korean-based company of copying the design and feel of the iPhone and iPad. Samsung has countersued, claiming Apple owes it a half a cent for every iPhone sold.

The trial began in San Jose, California last week, and it hasn’t exactly been good publicity for Apple. But so far it hasn’t swayed investor opinion about the world’s largest tech stock.

Despite trailing in the U.S. market, Samsung still holds a considerable lead in the global smartphone market with a 44% market share. Apple, meanwhile, leads the global tablet market.

The outcome of this trial could have a major impact on those numbers. For now, though, it hasn’t slowed Apple’s stock down one bit.

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