Burry Says Sell… Cramer Says Buy – Who’s Right?

Michael Burry just said…

SELL stocks now.

It’s a stark contrast to Jim Cramer – who says that it’s time to BUY.

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Michael Burry has a very solid track record of being right…

With the bank bust of 2008 being his most famous call.

Cramer on the other hand…

He’s the one who told everyone to hang on to their Lehman Brothers (among other hideous calls).

So you might think that it makes sense to bet on Burry every day of the week.

But the truth is…

Betting on the direction of the stock market is a bet that has a 50% chance of success at best.

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Frankly, stocks could be a mixed bag this month.

That’s why I’m making both long and short trades.

This hedging strategy lets you make money no matter what.

If Michael Burry is right – you can make money.

If Jim Cramer is right – you can make money.

But how does this work?

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Brian Mac

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